Ultra Clean Utensils

Concentrated Gel

Kills germs 99. 99% and keep germs away from utensil.

Concentrated Gel is a concentrated liquid for fast, gentle and sparkling dishwashing used for cleaning stainless steel, non-stick utensils and glass crockery. This unique formula with de-greasing power gets rid of oily stains and grime easily.

Available Packaging 500ml 5 ltr

With the power
of 100 lemons

Quality material kitchen gel cleaner for gentle and effective cleaning.


Lead Concentrated gel gives you a pleasent cleaning experience with its refreshing lemon fragrance and ultra cleaning.

Cleans Multiple Surfaces

Fresh Lemon Fragrance

Kills 99.99% Germs

Sparkling Utensils

How To Use

To get ultra sparkling kitchen utensils


Take 1 Teasspoon of Lead Concentrated Gel.


Mix it with one bowl of water (40ml).


Dip the scrub-spong in the solution and apply.


Get utensils sparkling clean.

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