Gentle On Wash

Liquid Detergent

Fresh fragrance, Soft feel, Gentle wash, Retains shine.

Providing you the best range of liquid detergent and liquid laundry detergent with effective & timely delivery. Liquid Detergent is useful for washing off all the clothes and removes tough stains and all the dirt from all the clothes.

Available Packaging 1 ltr 5 ltr

Liquid Detergent

Equellent as much as 1.250 kg detergent powder wash.


Top & Front load wash is a wonderfully formulated Lead liquid detergent which can be used on your finest of fabrics leaving them soft and fragnant.

Protects Colour

No Shrinkage

Soft Feel

Fresh Fragrance

Washing Instructions

Use Lead Liquid Detergent for daily, premium wear and other delicate fine fabrics as per standard washing tips of the garment industries. Please follow the tips.

Hand Wash

Hand Wash

Pour a 30ml (approx) Lead Liquid Detergent into half bucket (10 ltr) of Water. Stir up a rich lather. Soak your clothes for 10-15 minutes. Squeeze gently. Rinse & dry in shade.

Machine Wash

Machine Wash

Lead Liquid Detergent can also used in top loading machines. It's generally washing machines friendly detergent liquid.

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