Shining Powder
Available Packaging 175 gm

Shining Powder

Its anti-tarnish ingredient keeps copper and brass brighter longer than other brass and copper polishes.

It is copper and brass cleaning powder, these metals are atmosphere sensitive metals. Copper & Brass utensils are used to store and serve drinking water. Each particle of this soft textured shining powder for copper & brass is of equal size, which gives scratch less and even shine all over the utensils. It is absolutely safe for hands. Pooja Articles and idols of god start shining instantly when cleaned with lead shining powder. Now, avoid the conventional, outdated incomplete cleaning mediums like lemon, ash, tamarind and buttermilk.

Our product ensures our clients with effective cleaning and shining of the metals on which it is used. Our range of copper & brass cleaner is manufactured from world class ingredients that are sourced from our reliable vendor base. We offer our clients with customized products and are totally dedicated to meet their varied needs and committed towards timely delivery of the products.



  • Lead shining powder removes the oxide layer very easily by its active & strong power which gives luster to copper & brass utensils.
  • Effectively removes the most stubborn stains from utensils.
  • Non Ionic ingredients enhance the glossy effect to articles.
  • Water repelling agent repels water after washing utensils which gives long lasting glossy effect.
  • It gives scratch free cleaning so there will not be metal loss.
  • Shines pooja utensils and idols in minutes, resulting in long-lasting luster.
  • Results are much better than traditional cleaners like tamarind, lemon and buttermilk.
  • It gives long lasting shine to copper and brass instantly.
  • Completely safe and gentle on hands.
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Follow steps to

Clean The Utensils

  • Wet the utensils with clean water.
  • Sprinkle them with a healthy amount of copper glow powder.
  • Use the clothes scouring pad to work the powder into a paste.
  • Allow it to sit for up to five minutes, but do not allow the paste to dry.
  • Scrub gently with the clothes scouring pad, working it over all surfaces.
  • Rinse well with clean water & dry with a soft clothes.
  • To delay the tarnishing of brass utensils, rub them with a thin layer of olive oil.
  • To keep your copper utensils looking beautiful and shiny, apply a commercial copper polish.
Shining Powder Utensils

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