Toilet Cleaner
Available Packaging 500ml, 2ltr, 5ltr

Toilet Cleaner

Introducing new with solid cleaning power & highly effective against germs.

Lead toilet cleaner is one of the major effective product for toilet cleaning use. It's different from ordinary toilet cleaner, Lead toilet cleaner is strong in tough stain removal, kills 99.9% germs, gives smooth & shine touch to your toilet. By using it you'll get sparkling shine, fresh & ultra hygienic look.

Lead toilet cleaner feature use of quality assured ingredients so a to provide for effective results as well as safe and economical work usage. Made available in best quality-price ratio, the product comprises concentrated blend of wetting agent, rinse additives, detergent, inorganic acid and others that offer effective action in dissolving and removing presence of scale and stains in the pots. Some of its features include providing for bright and clean toilet bowls and urinals, ingredients used for constitution are safe to use and also do not harm plumbing systems. Its suitable for use on sitting and squat ceramic toilets.


Cleaning Power

It can be difficult to know how to clean the toilet in the best way, but with the right toilet cleaning products it can be surprisingly easy to get the job done. Lead toilet cleaner brings back sparkling shine. Here our three different main aspects for cleaning your toilets.

99.9% Kill Germs

99.9% Kill Germs

Remove Stains

Remove Stains

Better Cleaning

Better Cleaning

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How To Use?

For sparkling clean, hygienic and fresh toilet with every use of lead toilet cleaner, for better result follow the shown steps properly. Do as directed on the back side of the product usage information if you are using first time.

For the first time users...

Apply as directed and leave for at least 30 & 40 minutes, then follow above instruction step by step.

Our product completely compatible to typical Indian toilets as well all types of western toilets.

Toilet Cleaner

Active Fresh

Leaves a pleasant and refreshing scent, to deodorize your toilets; while diminishing any detrimental odor causing bacteria, with great lasting power & effective cleaning!

Extra Power

Fights most germs on immediate contact with any surface; cleaning your toilets from corner. Effectively cleans your toilets to keep it free from any harmful bacteria & germs.

100% Complete Care

Cleans and sterilizes around bends and steep surfaces, even those hard to reach angles; removing the toughest of stains for a cleaner and brighter & shiner toilet.

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