Transparent Soap

Available in white & brown colors.

It's a fat free soap made from pure vanaspati and coconut oil, which brings supreme brightness and cleanness as like as new clothes. Lead transparent soap available in two variant colors with high and new technology, advanced facilities and high-quality raw materials and advanced formula.

As transparent soap is one of the oldest form of detergent soap, its having a wide demand all over the world for its stupendous fragrance and skin friendly properties, Our soap made from high-quality materials by fine process, having plenty of bubbles, a strong cloth cleaning power and an elegant fragrance which lasting for a long time & its gives one of the best brightness & cleanness to your apparels.

Available Packaging 1400gm, 2800gm
White Transparent Soap

White Transparent Soap

Brown Transparent Soap

Brown Transparent Soap



  • Raw material is from natural plant, without any animal fat. High efficiently the bacterial attack contained.
  • Beautiful appearance show the good taste for life.
  • With mild formula that keeps your skin clean and smooth.
  • It’s for daily use, cleaning effectively, with rich bubbles and nice perfume.
  • Accurate composition of ingredient.
  • With Anti allergic formula.
  • Durable long shelf life.
  • Precisely processed.
  • Soft & Smooth hand wash.
Transparent Soap Features

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